Legal Bill Review

Professional auditing and cost containment

Legal Bill Review (LBR) provides a team of independent attorneys, paralegals, and insurance litigation specialists with extensive experience performing legal audits and working with defense counsel concerning questionable bills. Our auditors are independent and objective, which allows you to maintain a good working relationship with defense counsel while effectively containing costs. They are knowledgeable about billing and field practices, and can detect potential billing abuses before they become a drain on your company. Contact us to get started today!
Careful analysis of the current hourly rates and fixed costs to the client in each jurisdiction to determine the need for adjusted fee schedules.
Help you locate a reputable law firm specializing in workers' compensation or liability defense. This service is available for all regions of the United States.
The results of all audits are provided in our explanation of audit, including recommendations for reductions. Summaries of savings are reported quarterly.
Help establish billing guidelines for all defense counsel. If guidelines are already in place, we can monitor bills to enforce the guidelines.
We provide professional audits with detailed explanations of all findings.